(Skin Repair)


Verb: To change, transform, uncover

A skin brightening solution for optimum clarity and radiance. A tailor-made combination of laser, IPL, infrared, LED light therapy that works in synergy with our prescription-grade, enzymatic peels to noticeably reduce skin discoloration, sun damage, thread veins and acne lesions. The skin regains a uniform appearance, its tone is evened and its texture smoothed. Pigmentation fades, and confidence is restored.

  • 75-90 MINS
  • NONE


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1. Acne Control
Protocol: Laser, LED light therapy, extractions and chemical stimulation

Targets: Acne, oiliness, cysts and blemishes

Results: Reduced congestion and breakouts
2. Rosacea / Redness Control
Protocol: LED light therapy, infrared and chemical stimulation

Targets: Redness, inflammation and skin fragility

Results: Skin is clearer and redness diminished
3. Pigment Correct
Protocol: Laser, IPL and chemical stimulation

Targets: Sun damage, freckles and age spots

Results: Clearer, pigment-free skin