(Prescription-Grade Medi-Facial)


Verb: Prescription

A medical-grade skin innovation, our prescriptive medi-facials provide the ultimate outcome in skin transformation. The LMS signature serum, rich in growth factors, natural bio-stimulants, and prescription-grade actives is delivered to skin at a cellular level, whilst a combination approach of fractional laser, chemical peeling, high-frequency needling, mesotherapy, infrared and LED light therapy accelerates cell turnover. The skin is transformed.

  • 75-90 MINS
  • 0.5 DAYS


1. Facialis (medi-grade skin resurfacing)
Protocol: LMS signature medifacial, for complete skin correction

Targets: Laxity, open pores, lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and redness

Results: Stronger, clearer, noticeably smoother skin
2. The Illuminator (skin brightening)
Protocol: No-downtime treatment, for radiant, camera-ready skin

Targets: Dullness, uneven texture and fine lines

Results: Softer, brighter, hydrated skin
3. Strictus (skin tightening)
Protocol: A combination of microlift and heat-based technology, for dramatic definition

Targets: Laxity and loss of elasticity

Results: Tightened, toned and contoured skin