(Dermal Fillers)


Verb: To form, shape, mould, contour

A regenerative treatment, which defines and shapes the face, whilst respecting the client’s unique anatomical architecture. New generation, hyaluronic acid-based fillers smooth facial contours and stimulate new collagen. Whilst our signature ‘micro-sculpting’ technique wields subtle yet artistic results. The effect is transformative: light bounces off the face, the skin looks fresh, and the features are brought back into focus.

  • 30-60 MINS
  • 0-5 DAYS


Basic Areas
Lateral brow lift
Lip definition or enhancement
Mouth to chin lines
Nose to mouth lines
Permanent lines and wrinkles
Scar correction
Smoker’s peri-oral lines
Advanced Areas
Ageing hands
Cheek sculpting
Chin reshaping
Ear lobe repair
Feet (heels and toe pads)
Jaw line definition
Nose reshaping
Under eye hollows/ tired eyes