Hair Lab

Denso Denso



Verb: To condense, thicken, press together

A unique protocol for balding, thinning or sparse heads of hair, which combines innovative evidence-based measures in one effective treatment. Applying the client’s own stem cells, growth factors and PRP to the scalp to boost microcirculation, whilst active nutrients work to biologically switch the dormant hair follicle cells from a dormant (telogen) phase into a growth (anagen) phase. Simultaneously, amino acid, stem cell and vitamin-rich intravenous infusions help to produce keratin, essential for a healthy hair cycle. The result is a noticeable reduction in shedding, increasing hair growth and improved density in existing hair.

Further information

1. Prescription Grade Products:
Formulated by a team of transplant surgeons, biochemists, and trichologists, this LMS prescribed programme contains prescription-grade and natural actives, to thicken and strengthen weakened hair without the need for medication.

2. Innatus:
Combined with prescription-grade actives, PRP is used to limit hair loss, stimulate new growth, fortify and preserve existing hair.

3. Meso Hair:
A combination of vitamins, minerals, DHT blockers and prescription-grade actives are directly fed to the hair follicles, resulting in natural growth and a thickened appearance.

4. Hair Transplant:
For advanced hair loss, follicular unit extraction can be used to promote healthy re-growth with expertly transplanted hair.

5. Carboxytherapy:
Microcirculation to the hair follicles is rejuvenated through application of medical CO2 injections to the scalp, replenishing the scalp with fresh blood supply; critical for hair growth.

6. Nutrient supplementation:
Oral /Intramuscular & intravenous nutrient delivery of vital vitamins and amino acids necessary for quality hair growth.

Depilis Depilis



Adjective: Hairless

A tailor-made solution for unwanted body hair, using the most technically superior, pain-free laser technologies. Based on the formula that hair grows in cycles, the laser works only during the anagen or “active phase” of hair growth, targeting pigment in the follicle to cease unwanted hair growth.

Further information

Suitable for all skin types, men and women.

Popular combinations

  • Bikini, lower legs and underarms
  • Bikini and full leg
  • Half Face (top lip, chin, sideburns and jawline)
  • Shoulders and full back
  • Beardline and neck