Face & Body Consultation

LMS 5-Point Protocol ™ LMS 5-Point Protocol ™

LMS 5-Point Protocol ™

The LMS 5-Point Protocol™, developed exclusively by Dr Vali, is a medical assessment that addresses hair, skin, face and body concerns from the anatomical cellular and geometrically proportional level to the visual aesthetic eye. Through this signature protocol, we create an accurate blueprint for achieving superior cosmetic and functional results.

LMS Medi-Wellness Protocol ™ LMS Medi-Wellness Protocol ™

LMS Medi-Wellness Protocol ™

The highly bespoke, performance-based medical wellness assessment, designed by Dr Enayat, maps the client’s metabolic, hormonal, digestive, epigenetic and physiological state using scientifically-advanced testing. These targeted assessments provide a high-definition snapshot of the client’s internal environment, taking into consideration external factor influences and genetic predispositions. Under the guidance of the LMS Wellness team, the client is empowered to control their health programme and follow a goal-oriented protocol.